August 3, 2020

Our first update: You can now
add your own Snippets!

Hopefully you're at least half as excited as we are! For our first update, we wanted to make sure users could immediately get the value they expected. With JSP Snippets, we demo'd the value of using the CoderSnippets platform to browse re-usable pieces of code. Now, we're giving you the power to make your very own snippet library. Read more below. You can also login and check it out for yourself!

What's a library?
A library is simply a collection of snippets.

How do I make a library?
Upon signing up, we automatically make one for you.

Can other people access my library?
Not at the moment, but team libraries are on the roadmap!

Although your library only shows your snippets, we advise you not to store any sensitive information in your snippets at this time. We will be working on a public/private mechanism (similar to GitHub repos). For the time being, assume all of your snippets will be made public. We'll keep you posted on the "private" functionality.

Here's a live demo of the update:

Login today and check it out!

Have any questions, comments or suggestions?
Please, respond to this email - let's chat!

Thank you, so much.
CoderSnippets Team